It is now 10 years since the release of classic New Wave STRASSE album, TRANSYLVANIAN FLOWER. STRASSE: ”It was recorded in 3 weeks at Cloudchamber in 2004. Everything went very smooth, tons of fun and late night parties. At the time we had no record deal and got ”No, thank you” from our old record company.”
Well, Transylvanian Flower turned out be the best selling STRASSE album at the time. The single, Dying For The Wild Life and the album got highly positive reviews: ”Masterpiece”, ”The Sergeant Pepper of STRASSE”.
STRASSE TF Facts; The lead vocals on The Stranger In Your Eyes is the first and only take - "RYDEN had a second go, but it was awful!". The next album, Half Past Animal, starts with a fade-in, the fade-out from the Transylvanian Flower album. Producer : Charles Storm. The cover is a re-make of a Louise Storm artwork. TRANSYLVANIAN FLOWER at Spotify.